What do you need from me to design my project?
  • a high resolution .jpg or .pdf file of your cover
  • other design information (author photo, blurbs, tour dates, quotes, social media links, dates, release, etc.)
  • examples/ideas of the look you're seeking (links, images, Pinterest, other websites, etc.)
  • (optional) a layered production file (.psd or individual .svg files) of your cover. While these are not required, it does give us more flexibility. Not all publishers will provide this. This file is only needed if taking design elements from overall image.
What if I want to make changes?
During the initial design stages, we will discuss all the main design elements (colors, layout, fonts, etc.) A mock-up will be given and we can tweak the basic elements from initial discussion. Once the final design is complete, will are unable to change the design layout and elements or add additional information but we're happy to make small tweaks for no additional charge. (change in tour dates, new release dates, new blurb, etc.)

How long will it take?
Depending on the project, it usually takes 1-3 weeks once we've discussed your design needs. Smaller projects only a few days, while more in-depth projects could take longer. Don't worry, a project completion date will be given before the payment of any service.

What's your typical process?
Once you decide which service you'll need, email us. It's usually a four step process.
  1. Chat - Let's talk about what design look you're going for. We'll ask a few questions. You can share with us links to other websites, images, Pinterest boards, color schemes, and other marketing materials you imagine for your brand.
  2. Design - Once we have the basics laid out, we'll begin designing those initial concepts into 2-3 different looks for your consideration.
  3. Revise - Based on your feedback and thoughts, we'll make changes accordingly.
  4. Finalize - Once finalized, we'll send you all the final files you will need to reproduce your logo on marketing materials. Or if website content, upload your new templates.
When should I contact you?
The sooner the better. Our schedule stays pretty packed so contact us as soon as you're ready to start designing something. Even if you don't have all the materials or information, we can at least put together the basics for your project.

What if I have no idea what I want in a design?
Not a problem. We love helping someone find that exact look that personifies their personality (or their book's theme) to help them create a long-standing brand. Together we can brainstorm, then we'll tailor a Pinterest board to help you narrow down your vision.

Why the name Girl With One Eye?
Ha! It is an odd name. It was my blogger pseudonym when I first started blogging in 2008. I wasn't sure if this writing thing would stick so I had a secret identity. Also, it's kind of reflective of when an artist (or designer) stands back to assess their work. They usually close one eye and look through their "goal post" fingers like a camera lens. I thought it would be a fun, rememberable name. Hopefully you do as well.

Why choose your studio?
We pride ourselves on having a keen design eye for a balanced layout and coordinated color scheme. We'll approach your project as if it were our own and will not be satisfied until you are.

Ready to design something? Email us at We look forward to hearing from you.