Marketing graphics are our specialty. We want to help you unify your brand across all platforms when you market your books or yourself. You can chose à la carte or a combination package. We offer several sizes to fit Instagram, Twitter or Facebook: 3x3 square, 3x4 landscape, 4x3 portrait, header

à la carte $25 each
Book Promotions
Book Tours
Pre-order Campaigns
Book Events
Teaser Quotes
Twitter Header
Facebook Header

Combo Pack* $65
Choose any of the three above graphics for one price.
*Combo pack for same theme/size only. Twitter and Facebook headers excluded.
Bump up your social media graphics to the next level for more eye-catching ads. Animated features added to your promotional graphic will give it a "live" feel. Depending on your needs, the ad is broken up into three to five pages with story lines, blurbs, a tagline, and images. With your video you'll receive one static page from the video to use as marketing graphic.

Animated Promo $95-$150
There are lots of factors that go into a logo: fonts, symbols/images, color palettes. But the most important element, a sharp design eye. That's where we come in. Whether you know what you want or have no idea, let us help you design something that fits your brand image.

Name Script Logo $20
Custom Graphic Logo $50-$125
Want promotional products reflective of your book but don't have a design? Whether it's a book quote, cover artwork or something in between, we can help you come up with a design. There's a wide range of products to chose from: t-shirts, journals, mugs, totes, and much more. Whether you're setting up a retail shop or just looking for promotional giveaways, we can help.

Product Designs $25-$125

Merchandise Designs for Shop*
Want merchandise to offer to your readers but don't want the hassle of selling them?* No problem. We've created a Redbubble shop to sell products for the author. It's easy and hassle free. All you do is direct your fans to the site.
*Design fees waivered. Email for details. 
The most important thing for the growing author is promoting themselves or their book. But promoting doesn't stop at social media. If you're looking to promote beyond social media, we also offer a wide rage of promotional materials. Such as: digital promo ads, newspaper ads, sell sheets, flyers, promo postcards, promo images (bookstagram style) and much more.  Contact us for quotes.

Swag materials: bookmarks, bookplates, buttons, postcards, business cards and more.

While most of our work is geared toward authors and bloggers, we also do custom work for other businesses.